14 Armenian Youth Chapters From Across US Convene in Franklin


This past weekend, according to a report by Azniv Khaligian published in Armenian Weekly,  some 60 members of 14-different Armenian  Youth Federation chapters, came together at Camp Haiastan on Summer Street  for the annual Eastern Region Senior Seminar.

The event focused on the continued fight for a "free, united, and independent Armenia," an issue of especial significance at present with continue fighting in the region, notably,  the series of clashes that erupted between Armenian and Azerbaijani troops along the Armenia–Azerbaijan border last month.

"Having spent the first half of the year thoughtfully planning each detail of the weekend, I felt affirmed seeing the attendees enjoying time well-spent together and ultimately understanding the theme, which was so wonderfully articulated by our brilliant lecturers. The topics not only displayed a range of battles being fought for our cause, but were presented in a way which asked members to engage with and apply them," Khaligian wrote.

And, she added. "My personal mission this weekend was to coordinate a program in an environment that would inspire and mobilize all attendees into taking action for Armenia through a selfless approach to their lifestyles, activism and careers."

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