Watch for This Year's "Art Gift Away"


Beginning on Thanksgiving weekend Nov 27- December 18, local artist Amy Adams will leave a piece of art at an undisclosed location for the community members to find. This series is called "Finding the Light" and it is the second part to the series.

Last year, Amy explained, "I created this series as Artist in Residence for Natick. It was meant to be uplifting to the community around the holidays. I had just lost my father, this prompted me to imagine how many others are coping through the pain of loss around the holiday season sparking the need to share 'light'".

Adams said she added clues on social media for where people should look for it, and attached a personal note to each and gift wrapped them.

The goal is to create another small opportunity to share joy around this time of year, she noted.

Last year, the series was well received and people looked forward to the weekly gift-away.

Here is the link where people can look for clues this year.

The clues will also be posted in Observer....keep an eye out!

Artist Bio:

Amy Adams is a Massachusetts artist who shares her passion with the public by

using acrylics. Amy has always loved the use of paint to bring items and

canvases to life. She believes that each object, canvas or space lives and carries

an emotion. She uses that to inspire how she exhibits what she sees. Growing up

in a challenging environment allowed her to focus on art as an outlet. This

practice has influenced Amy to focus on life and human connection images.

Amy has served as Artist in Residence for Natick 2021-2022 and is using

intentional art as a way to relate to people of diverse communities. As a Franklin

Cultural District Committee member and part of the Franklin Artist Association,

Amy can be found connecting people through original art, community projects

and workshops as well as running paint party sessions. Her body of work

includes public murals, sculptures, and paintings. Amy intends to continue using

her art to provoke dialogue about individuality, acceptance, mental health and

diversity through the use of color. She creates art that seeks to unite and uplift in

efforts to continue building community and awareness.

“Art has always been a significant part of history, allowing opportunities to learn

diverse cultures and creating connections. It is important to encourage it in our

community as a freedom of expression. It is a welcome signal for love and growth

to our youth.”

Amy Adams (b. 1979, USA)

Resides in Franklin, MA


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