Brendon Owen Probable Cause Hearing Postponed


In a what was supposed to be a Probable Cause hearing before Wrentham District Court Judge, Julieann Hernon, likely as a preparatory for the next stage of prosecution, both prosecution and defense came with an agenda.

The matter came before the judge just after 10:30 am on Wednesday, just about halfway through a morning crowded with matters requiring judicial attention.

In the case of the prosecution, their request was for a postponement because, despite meeting three times this month, the grand jury  has yet to vote on an indictment for Brendon Owen, the accused murderer of his estranged wife, Shirley M. Branco Owen. Brendon Owen has also been accused of assaulting his former mother-in-law, and setting fire to their Franklin home, all within a brief space of time on the morning of Dec. 17.

Owen’s attorney then asked for a motion to reconsider bail (Owen is currently being held without bail). The attorney said Owen has lived with his mother in East Bridgewater for the past eight years and would like to return there, which would make it easier for him to get medical treatment. This Judge Hernon flatly denied this request. The defendant’s attorney also asked that Owen be returned to a single cell rather than having to share a cell because of a medical condition.

Regarding this matter, the Judge suggested taking it up with the jail authorities.

In consultation with prosecution and defense, Hernon ruled that the Probable Cause Hearing will now be held on Feb. 16. She also ruled that his presence in the courtroom will not be required on that date.

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