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  • A Black Bear has been spotted hanging around in residential neighborhood near Forge Park according to a poster on All About Franklin on Facebook (thanks for the tip J.P.) (image from FB poster)
  • Historical Commission met Wednesday evening at the Museum. Chair Mary Olsson informed members of the resignation of long-time Commissioner Colette Ferguson and noted that her absence would likely delay the annual Wedding Dress exhibit. Olsson also discussed the possible hire of a new archivist (now in the budget). Two upcoming speaker events were discussed as well.
  • Old South Meeting House update: unofficial sources say that 4-5 proposals have been received for those interested in finding a new use for the structure while preserving its historic elements. One of those interested is reportedly Habitat for Humanity. The EDC will be getting a full report “in a few weeks.”
  • Due to a Zoom glitch we do not have a report on this week’s Council on Aging. But we are told two potential new members were interviewed.
  • FINCOM has been conducting budget hearings each weeknight. Steve Sherlock at Franklin Matters, something of an expert on the budget, has done a great job of summarizing what’s on the agenda and what’s happening, for example, hearing #1.
  • The School Committee Space Needs Subcommittee also suffered a Zoom issue – expired meeting link – so we recommend checking out Steve’s coverage from on site.
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