History 'in our Back Yard' Highlights Franklin Monuments


Two recent episodes of History in Your Backyard look at local history and global patterns of war memorialization in the town of Franklin, Massachusetts.

War Memorialization in Franklin, MA

Episode 3: Dean College War Memorial

David Dennis explores the local history of the Dean College War Memorial (est. 1927) and puts it into context of a global "cult of the fallen soldier" that emerged in the 1920s in the aftermath of the First World War.

Episode 5: Franklin Common War Memorials

Ryan Gavel, Elena Mejorado, and Camryn Michaud look at the layers of war memorialization on the Franklin Town Common and their relationship to the local community since the construction of the Franklin Soldiers and Sailors Monument in 1903.

What is History in Your Backyard?

History in Your Backyard is series of local history documentary shorts created by "citizen historians" in their own proverbial backyards. It is produced by R.A. Lawson and David Brandon Dennis on behalf of the New England Journal of History. You could be a citizen historian too!

History in Your Backyard

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