Easy Peasy (for Once)


Above, applicant Margaret A. Sptacher LeBlanc explains her family's project to the ZBA via Zoom.

In contrast to so many ZBA meeting that run hours long and include testimony from multiple applicants and experts, Thursday evening’s meeting was a welcome break.

After calling the meeting to order via Zoom at 7:30, Chairman Bruce Hunchard turned everyone’s attention to application from Benjamin E. LeBlanc and Margaret A. Sptacher LeBlanc at 11 White Dove Road. The applicant was seeking to construct a 27’ x 20’ addition that is 26’ from the left side setback where 40’ is required. Without a Variance from the ZBA they could not proceed.

Amanda K. Cavaliere from consulting firm Guerriere and Halnon, Inc. recapped the project dimensions and invoked the legal terminology to request a variance and then introduced Margaret A. Sptacher LeBlanc.

She, in turn, explained that her mother lives with them but can no longer safely navigate the stairs, thus compelling them to seek to construct a first-floor bathroom and a bedroom.

After briefly looking at the issues the Board members had no question (and there were no questions from abutters or anyone else), so the Board voted to close the hearing and then approved to requested variance.

The board briefly discussed and then voted to approve the minutes of May 19. Adjournment followed.

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