Box Seats Signs Okayed & Two Others


The Design Review Commission met Tuesday evening. Again on the agenda was Box Seats, the victualer that has taken over the space formerly occupied by Alumni in the plaza next to the municipal building.

Discussions at the prior meeting had stalled, in part with regard to ambiguity in town regulations that require one sign 'per establishment.'  Alumni had two, one for an effectively separate business in adjacent part of the building for a Function Room, used infrequently in comparison to the restaurant and bar areas.

Box Seats wanted to follow that pattern, making modest changes to the signs within the same existing "boxes."  The Solomonic decision finally reached was that ambiguity and prior practice made this particular "exception" acceptable -- so Box Seats is  now off and running on signage and all else that must be accomplished in order to open.

The next matter up was signs for Pour Richards Wine & Spirits – 835 West Central Street, 1 Sign above entry  and 2 Road panels, Rocco Cavallero represented the company. After a brief discussion the sign package was approved.
This was followed by an equally brief presentation for DELL Technologies – 111 Constitution Blvd. The company sought to finally replace existing internally illuminated signs for EMC  with non-illuminated letters spelling out DELL. This was also approved.

The Commissioners then continued their discussion about potential future developments of the sign bylaw.

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