Tax Watchdog Growls About $2.5 Billion Mistake


Following news reports that Massachusetts’s previous gubernatorial administration mistakenly used $2.5 billion in federal funds to pay for jobless benefits during the pandemic, the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance warned Governor Maura Healey against any consideration of forcing Massachusetts taxpayers and businesses to pay a portion of the $2.5 billion blunder.

Massachusetts saw state spending rise to record levels this year, with Speaker Ron Mariano proposing a more than 10% increase in the state budget from $49.6B in FY2023 to $56.2B in FY2024. Now is the time for these same tax-and-spend politicians to learn how to pay for costly government mistakes, the group said

“This debt only exists because Beacon Hill leaders capriciously forced these businesses to close during COVID. Many of these small businesses were forced to close their doors because of this and the ones that made it through have spent a long-time rebuilding. Under no circumstance should Massachusetts businesses be expected to pay for any portion of the state government’s mistake. They’ve already paid more than enough. Any public comments even suggesting this will only continue to drive the narrative that Massachusetts is uncompetitive and does not support its small businesses,” stated Paul D. Craney, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

“Perhaps it’s time for State House politicians to cut state spending in order to pay for their mistakes. They just proposed one of the largest year over year budget increases in our state history. They have the money to fix this without taking extraordinary measures,” continued Craney.

But that wasn't the end of his diatribe.

“There is so much wasteful spending in the state budget that the House version even included pay raises for some politicians.," Craney said.  "The Senate version included making community college discounted for illegal immigrants. There was even a national news story this week claiming Boston now spends more per student than any other large school district in the nation. State House politicians should take ownership of the errors made by the state government. Governor Healey has the money to fix this mistake if she chooses to cut spending elsewhere, without forcing any additional taxpayers or businesses to pay for it,” concluded Craney.

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