Lady Bug Trail Unveiled During Strawberry Stroll


Above committee members and supporters of the Lady Bug trail were recognized by Downtown Partnership Director Lisa Piana in a brief 6 pm ceremony.

According to the new  Lady Bug Trail brochure, it was the 40th anniversary of the Franklin second-grader's successful lobbying effort to make the Lady Bug the state insect that inspired the Franklin Cultural Council and Rotary Club to  put forth the idea of a memorial art project to honor the elementary students, their teacher, and the insect "her self".  That resulted in the creation of 25 fiberglass "ladybugs" which were then customized and decorated by artists and individuals and installed around the town.

Then, in 2019, again according to the brochure, the Franklin Downtown Partnership (FDP) considered the concept of gathering the sculptures together in the downtown. They eventually conceived of a trail with not only ladybugs but also murals and existing bronze statutes.

"Named the Ladybug Cultural & Historical Trail, visitors and residents would connect with Franklin's culture and history while shopping, dining, and visiting downtown..."

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