Design Review Commission Says Yes to Amego Expansion Plan, and Law Firm "Shingle"


Above, Architect William Masiello presenting to the Design Review Commission via Zoom.

The Design Review Commission met Tuesday night, via Zoom. The first matter addressed by the commissioners was a review of plans for new housing units by Amego at 704 Washington Street. Architect William Masiello presented images of the planned structures and the color palette being considered. He did note that it has been hard to count on suppliers so that there have been some minor changes as a result.

In response to a question he indicated that there would be no changes of any importance in the plans being discussed. The discussions also moved from there into plantings, sightlines, and landscaping.

Masiello indicated that the project had been before the Planning Board already and that he was hopeful he could secure approval from the Commission before going back to planning.

After some discussion and a few more questions, the Commission approved a motion to the facades and materials as submitted. A second motion was made and approved regarding the proposed plantings.

The second item dealt with by Design Review was with regard to signage at 4 West Street.

According to sign maker Rocco Cavallaro the existing sign for Cornetta, Ficco & Simmler dates back 18-20 years. An identical panel, with no lettering, has been in place, unused. The “ask” was to approve adding lettering for Hickey & Luciano Lawyers to the panel that is currently blank.

The signs are illuminated externally, from the ground and are well within the statutory size limits. Finding no objection to the proposed action, the Commission approved the sign plan.

The final action of the evening was discussing upcoming 2023 meeting dates.

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