LETTER: Town has Changed for the Worse


To the Editor:

It is to the point of heartbreak now, the way that the development of Franklin has changed the town forever, for the worse. New development is swallowing up the resources. We have water bans Spring, Winter and Fall. The homeowners are being taxed out. It is now nothing but a money pit. What was once a quiet, environmentally-friendly, well-educated community has lost its way.

I just reluctantly sold my home in Franklin and moved to Florida. I did not want to go because all of my grandchildren are nearby and in Franklin. I saw the writing on the wall when they started to tax the rain from my roof. (My roof drained into the woods and there are no catch basins on the small street.)

I miss the Andrew Bissanti town fathers [former Town Councilor] of Franklin. He cared; most of the rest have caved in, to my surprise.

Denis Flynn, former resident

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