Community Preservation Committee Approves Routine Measures


After approving minutes from a prior meeting, the Committee heard from Town Administrator Jamie Hellen who referenced the updated CPA Master Plan Document, included with the meeting packet. He said very little had changed from prior versions of the document but did point to the financial. Hellen said based on the state’s FY 23 revenue projections, which was a 35% minimum match.

That should come out to more than $465,000, he said. “The state will distribute those monies to the Treasurer collector, I believe in November,” Hellen said.

Committee discussed three pending resolutions involving funding and then approved all three namely.

Resolution 22-36: FY23 CPA Reservations (Budget) $1,887,000, Resolution 22-37: FY23 CPC Appropriation of Capital Funds

$905,000, and Resolution 33-38: CPC Appropriation of Funds for Debt Service on the Maple Hill Land - $271,489

Hellen discussed some of the potential spending on historical preservation, including the Red Brick School. A Committee Member questioned why new toilets were needed if it was being maintained for historical purposes. Hellen explained that the current organization leasing the space, helps to keep the facility maintained and does not incur ADA mandates because of its non-profit status.

The meeting adjourned after about 30 minutes.

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