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Some Public Legal Notices filed in local newspapers and made available to the public via the web site and other sources:

SCOTT LEGAL NOTICE Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Norfolk Probate and Family Court 35 Shawmut Road Canton MA 02021 Docket No. NO21P2383GD CITATION GIVING NOTICE OF PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN FOR INCAPACITATED PERSON PURSUANT TO G.L. c. 190B, §5-304 In the matter of: Christopher Scott Of: Canton, MA RESPONDENT Alleged Incapacitated Person To the named Respondent and all other interested persons, a petition has been filed by Pappas Hospital For Childress of Boston, MA in the above captioned matter alleging that Christopher Scott is in need of a Guardian and requesting that Julie Saltzman of Franklin, MA (or some other suitable person) be appointed as Guardian to serve on the bond. The petition asks the court to determine that the Respondent is incapacitated, that the appointment of a Guardian is necessary, and that the proposed Guardian is appropriate. The petition is on file with this court and may contain a request for certain specific authority. You have the right to object to this proceeding. If you wish to do so, you or your attorney must file a written appearance at this court on or before 10:00 A.M., on the return date of 06/22/2021. This day is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline date by which you have to file the written appearance if you object to the petition. If you fail to file the written appearance by the return date, action may be taken in this matter without further notice to you. In addition to filing the written appearance, you or your attorney must file a written affidavit stating the specific facts and grounds of your objection within 30 days after the return date. IMPORTANT NOTICE The outcome of this proceeding may limit or completely take away the above-named person's right to make decisions about personal affairs or financial affairs or both. The above-named person has the right to ask for a lawyer. Anyone may make this request on behalf of the above-named person. If the above-named person cannot afford a lawyer, one may be appointed at State expense. WITNESS, Hon. Patricia Gorman, First Justice of this Court. Date: May 20, 2022 Colleen M. Brierley Register of Probate

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COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS PROBATE AND FAMILY COURT DEPARTMENT BRISTOL, ss. PROBATE COURT BR22E0013PP To Neil Macedo of Mattapoisett, MA in the County of Plymouth, Mark Macedo of Franklin, MA in the County of Norfolk and to all other persons interested. A petition has been presented to said Court by Gary Macedo, of New Bedford, MA in the County of Bristol representing that they hold as Tenants in Common, an undivided share of certain land lying in New Bedford in said County and briefly described as follows: Beginning at the southwest corner of this lot at a point in the north line of Butler Street distant easterly three hundred sixty (360) feet from the east line of Brock Avenue, said point being also the southeast corner of land now or formerly of one Besse, which is Lot #152 on plan of land of the New Bedford Real Estate Association; thence Northerly by said Besse land one hundred seventeen and 49/100 (117.49) feet; thence Easterly forty (40) feet to Lot #156 on said plan; thence Southerly by last-named land one hundred seventeen and 49/100 (117.49) feet to the north line of Butler Street; and thence Westerly in said north line of Butler Street forty (40) feet to the point of beginning. Containing seventeen and 26/100 (17.26) rods, more or less. setting forth that he desires that all of said land may be sold at private sale for not less than Four Hundred Twenty-five Thousand (425,000.00) Dollars Wherefore the petitioner prays that partition may be made of all the land aforesaid according to law, and to that end that a commissioner be appointed to make such partition and be ordered to make sale and conveyance of all of said land which the Court finds cannot be advantageously divided either at private sale or public auction, and be ordered to distribute the net proceeds thereof. If you desire to object thereto you or your attorney should file a written appearance in said Court at Taunton before ten o'clock in the forenoon on the twelfth day of August 2022, the return day of this citation. Witness, Katherine A. Field, Esquire, First Justice of said Court, this thirty-first day of May, 2022. /s/ Register

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