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Bubble tests shouldn’t be sole measure of student achievement

I write to express my disagreement with the recent headline, "Underperforming Schools May Get a Break With Union Petition Drive." While I acknowledge the importance of accountability in education, I find it essential to emphasize that measuring student achievement solely through standardized testing is not the solution.

The headline suggests that the union's petition drive implies leniency for underperforming schools, but our community's stance against an accountability system based solely on high-stakes testing is not about lowering standards. Rather, it underscores the need for a broader approach to assessing student performance that considers diverse student needs.

It is time to move beyond a 30-year-old system that narrows learning and fails to account for the richness of educational experiences. Our community advocates for an accountability system that goes beyond standardized tests, taking into account factors such as critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability—essential skills for success in the 21st century.

In supporting this cause, we aim to foster an education system that nurtures well-rounded individuals ready to face the complex challenges of our ever-evolving world. Let's work together to create a more comprehensive and equitable approach to measuring student achievement.


Donna Grady, President

Franklin Education Association

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