Annual Art Gift Away begins

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Greetings art lovers! 🎉🎨

Art gifts beginning on December 10th-31st, on deck!

For the next 4 weeks, I will leave a piece of art at an undisclosed location for the Franklin community members to find.

This collection is called "Finding the Light" and it is the third annual gift away inspired by the loss of my father. Imagining how many others are coping through pain and loss around the holiday season, sparked my need to share a little "light".

In that same spirit, I mean for it to be uplifting, bring hope, joy and giving around the holidays.

I share clues each week by Wednesday, simple enough for all to join in.

I then drop off a gift wrapped piece of art at the location the following Sunday morning.

All I ask, is that the finder share a photo of the painting they’ve found.

Clues for week 1:

*I am just off center
*Missing all of the laughter and play
*I sit near the eldest building for enriching young minds
*Find the red haired maiden, she keeps me guarded.

I'm interested
I disagree with this
This is unverified