In Other News


Sound Familiar?

WHDH has reported that he Town of Arlington recently lost nearly $446,000 as a result of an elaborate wire fraud scheme by an organization overseas, according to Arlington Town Manager Jim Feeney. Since 2020, several other Massachusetts municipalities including Tewksbury, Franklin, Quincy, Lowell, and Concord have all been victims of similar successful attempts to dupe employees.

Something Fishy!

The Traveling School of Fish (image above), a collaboration of the Town of Franklin, featuring the art of Gerald M. Parmenter Elementary students with new fish created and donated by Tri County Regional Vocational Technical High School students, will be unveiled Tuesday, June 11, at 5 pm at the Franklin Sculpture Park, adjacent to the police station. The Project has been headed by artist Amy Adams.

Judiciary Turns Further Democrat

The Boston Globe
has reported that more than three in four of the nominees Healey has offered are registered Democrats, far outpacing the share of the party’s voters statewide and implicitly, a more partisan policy than that followed by her predecessors. The Globe also said the governor is emphasizing the appointment of women and people of color...

“Tequila” Saves the Day

Milford Patch reported the remarkable story of a Milford cockatiel that escaped its home and was later recovered in Wrentham. The owners had posted about its disappearance and noted that it would respond to someone humming the 1958 surf rock classic "Tequila" by The Champs. When a Wrentham resident spotted the bird and tried the trick, it worked. The cockatiel flew up and perched on his head and stayed there until the owner arrived!

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