Sec of State Candidate Rayla Campbell Visits Franklin Supporters


On a quest to unseat a 28-year incumbent, the current Secretary of State William Galvin, who has been in the post since 1994, Rayla Campbell noted that she often has to educate potential voters about the role of the Secretary.

She said that Galvin, who earned the sobriquet "The Prince of Darkness," early in his tenure both for the late hours he kept and his supposed role in closed-door deal making, also maintains historical records for the Commonwealth and handles myriad administrative functions as well.

And, she promised she would become the state’s first “Madame Secretary.”

To be sure, she has a huge challenge ahead of her in gaining name recognition and convincing voters she is the antidote to Galvin – but she said she is motivated. “I love my country. It has given me opportunities that no other country would ever have done,” she said. And on the campaign trail she said she emphasizes the important of the Constitution. But not just the US Constitution. “In Massachusetts we also have the Mayflower Compact and our own Constitution that came first” and provide additional guidance and inspiration.

Then she shared an anecdote about the campaign. She said Secretary Galvin is preparing a TV ad and the media company he hired put out a casting call for all kinds of people to appear in the ad. Campbell, who had previously done some commercial photo shoots, was one of those who received a solicitation to appear in the ad; opening up the intriguing possibility of being hired to appear in her opponent’s ad – a situation she found amusing.

Campbell left her audience with a promise of transparency and a commitment to try to do away with permanent mail-in voting, which she views as an invitation to fraud.

And she promised to `keep fighting for the people of Massachusetts.’

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